The company NIVO EKO, d.o.o. was founded with a vision, connected exclusively to the “green programme”. The basic activity at the start of its operation was carrying out of an external arrangement of residential and business buildings, a vegetative anti-erosion protection of slopes, an ecological restoration of degraded natural environments, and maintenance of water troughs and park surfaces. Due to the reshaping of construction market, we, at the company, detected new needs and consequentially new business opportunities, thus expanding the activities and vision of the company, as well as setting broader business goals with a “civil engineering and water works programme”. Considering the rich experience of those working for our company, we also took on new challenges in the “building construction”.

Nowadays, the company has all of the required technological equipment and mechanisation at its disposal to carry out works at a high quality level and on time. With our knowledge, we help our clients realise plans, which brings us ever new work challenges. Together with a team of experienced engineers and operative experts, who can tackle even the biggest construction challenges.